The EVOQ DART- TQ+ mass spectrometer delivers exceptional speed and sensitivity to set a new benchmark in multiresidue screening and quantitation

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Two workflows – One integrated system

EVOQ DART-TQ+ is the world’s first triple quadrupole MS system specifically designed for DART ion source plug-and-play operation, allowing seamless source parameters and automation control in routine laboratory environments.

If traditional LC-MS workflows are required, the EVOQ DART-TQ+ easily switches from the integrated DART source to the VIP-HESI source in seconds. Bring a new level of productivity to your lab by rapidly screening with DART and then simply switch to VIP-HESI LC-MS for established validation of the screened hits.

  • First & only fully integrated DART ionization source engineered for Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry
  • 1000 MRMs/second for reliable large screening applications
  • Up to 30,000 Da/Second scan rate
  • EDR™ Electron multiplier detector with on-the-fly multiplier gain optimization for Extended Dynamic Range
  • MRM Method Builder - The EVOQ DART-TQ+ autofill function removes the need to know the MRM transition lets the software set up the method and manage the TQ duty cycle.

All the speed you need, and more

The EVOQ DART-TQ+ mass spectrometer is an easy-to-use, small footprint benchtop system engineered for small molecule screening and quantitation with exceptional speed, ultra-high sensitivity, and reduced chemical noise.

Additional benefits include: 

  • High speed electronics – more MRM transitions per run and better sensitivity with more compounds per DART analysis or more datapoints for each chromatographic peak
  • Simple tuning - "Lens-free" ion path for higher stability and sensitivity. Fewer statistical ion losses and no charging effects lead more ions from the source to the detector.
  • Front end robustness - Confidently run matrix-rich samples on the robust orifice plate-based API interface.
  • Higher S/N - The unique ion-path and curved collision cell design results in virtually zero neutral ions or chemical noise reaching the detector whilst improving the MRM sensitivity by significantly reducing ion losses due to ion scattering in the quadrupoles before and after the collision cell.
  • Easy MRM method setup - Simply type the name of the compound and the system autofills the MRM information, saving time and resources to quickly generate the methods you require.
  • Save time using exception-based data-review software that makes it easier to highlight sample data that does not meet preset method criteria.
  • Eliminate re-work – The Extended Dynamic Range detector requires just one injection or one analysis to deliver accurate, rapid results saving time and resources.



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