In-vivo / In-vitro & Fluorescence Imaging System (VILBER)

Advanced technologies inside, outstanding ease of use outside.
Our latest innovations make the Newton 7.0 the ideal system for publication, quantification and documentation grade imaging.

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The unrivaled NEWTON 7.0 is ideal for bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging of in vivoex vivo and in vitro applications.

Imaging Versatility

  • Monitoring the development of tumors and infections
  • Tracking cell migration
  • Targeting the Biodistribution of drugs, molecules and nanoparticles
  • Visualization of vasculature and microcirculation


  • Ultimate sensitivity with the widest lens aperture f/0.70
  • 1” Scientific Grade CCD Camera and -90°C  absolute cooling
  • Bioluminescence detection : femtogram level
  • Fluorescence detection : picogram level
  • 3D Optical Tomography

Ease Of Use

  • Intuitive & user-friendly software interface
  • One click to get the image
  • Auto-exposure and automatic illumination controls
  • Easy to clean

Animals Management

  • Up to 5 mice capacity
  • Heated animal bed (+37°C)
  • EQUAFLOW™ breathers to deliver equal gas to each nose cone and prevent unwanted animals awakening
  • Automatic Active Gas Scavengers
  • Compatible with the BIOSTHESIA gas anesthesia station



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