Laboratory Automation (RUDOLPH RESEARCH)

High throughput Laboratory Automation simplifies the process of conducting automated measurements, encompassing a wide range of parameters such as automated Density, Specific Gravity (SG), Optical Rotation (OR), Specific Rotation (SR), Refractive Index (RI), Brix, Color (Reflectance and Transmittance), pH measurements, and more. 

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Laboratory Automation with Versatile Solutions for all Uses

This advanced system streamlines the entire procedure, enabling efficient and precise data collection across various applications.

  • Self-validated system – New software allows for daily system validations without interrupting your routine
  • Custom sample racks allow use of your vial – Saves time, and money, and no decanting. Simply use the same vial you are accustomed to 4 Dram, 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 16x100mm, 13x100mm, 13x7mm, 5mL, and more.
  • Heated Racks: 2 Configurations 40/10 and 20/30. The first option includes 40 heated racks and 10 non-heated racks. The second option includes 20 heated racks and 30 non-heated racks. Petroleum customers need an autosampler that can handle both heated and unheated samples. The AutoFlex® R837 is currently the only one available that meets these requirements.
  • Urgent sample – Allows the user to run an interrupt sample without having to restart the active run.
  • Flexible Method Selection – One of our goals at Rudolph Research is to keep things simple for the user. Each sample requires various methods for loading, measuring, cleaning, and drying. These methods involve factors such as temperature, solvent type, amount, and time.
  • Unattended Operation – The R827 and R837 can notify the operator if there is not enough solvent or if the waste jar is full.
  • Unmatched Features – Push the start button and watch the vial spin to read your barcode (QR, PDF417, or 2D labels) for the sample ID. Low and highly viscous samples load flawlessly. The R837 will produce automated Density, SG, OR, SR, RI, Brix, CIE L*a*b*(Color), Gardner, ABS, %T, Cobalt, pH measurements, then transfers the results automatically to LIMS, SAP, or any proprietary data management system. The R837 can reclaim the sample if enabled, then thoroughly clean and dry with zero cross-contamination.



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