The Solution to Isomer Identification and Complex Mixture Analysis

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Spectra Analysis


Drug exhibits have become more challenging over the years due to an increase in complex synthetic substances with many positional isomer and diastereomer possibilities. With the DiscovIR-GC® from Spectra Analysis Instruments, forensic and law enforcement labs can now easily and rapidly identify designer drugs, by-products, and cutting agents with a higher level of specificity and discrimination which is unattainable through mass spectrometry alone.

Spectra Analysis Instruments’ state-of-the-art technology enables the coupling of gas chromatography to infrared spectroscopy for the separation and identification of controlled substance samples, clandestine lab materials and multi-component material samples. Designed as a “walk-up” instrument, its proprietary direct deposition/solid phase FTIR technology enables routine detection of substances such as fentanyl derivatives, synthetic cannabinoids, and phenethylamine type compounds I.E. methamphetamine, NBOMe compounds and cathinones.



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