Restek has been perfecting the art and science of liquid chromatography (LC) for more than a quarter-century. Over that time, the burdens placed on LC systems and analysts have changed dramatically, especially with the adoption and explosive growth of LC-MS/MS in modern analytical laboratories. With each passing year, there is a higher demand for chromatography consumables to be reliable, to generate reproducible data, and to retain and resolve greater numbers of more difficult compounds. The employee-owners of Restek pride ourselves on being experts in chromatography, and we use our experience to help analysts like you solve the challenges you face on a daily basis in this rapidly shifting landscape.

The state-of-the-art, high-quality lines of LC columns—Raptor, Force, and Roc—with industry-leading stationary phases have been designed and built to address the needs of not only today’s markets, but also tomorrow’s. Extensive testing, competitor benchmarking, and strict QC systems ensure that all of our columns will consistently produce the results you must have time and time again, now and in the future. We also offer instrument replacement parts that meet or even exceed the original manufacturer’s performance. And, as it has been since the beginning, Restek is proud to be an independent company, and we will support every LC you have, regardless of who made it.

Whether you are in a high-throughput analytical laboratory with crushing deadlines and a rising backlog or in a research and development organization with a tight budget and towering goals, Restek is the partner you need to make your LC work flow.