One for all: The new vacuum drying chamber from BINDER


BINDER vacuum drying chambers are in high demand – particularly since BINDER is the only manufacturer in its field that is able to provide units with proven explosion-proof features. That’s why its VDL unit, as it is known for short, has become a popular piece of equipment for producing cannabis extract in parts of the USA and in Canada.


To satisfy demand from customers and ensure that it maintains its high quality standards in-house, BINDER recently decided to make its range of vacuum drying chambers even more innovative and cutting-edge. Its developers, product managers, and designers then got to work – and produced a genuine masterpiece.


One example of the features in the new vacuum drying chambers are the new controllers, which provide customers with a central location for control. However, customers also have the option of using a touchscreen display, which can show the actual and set pressure and temperature values at the same time. This has the positive effect of allowing users to see the process stage of the chamber that is ongoing at any time.


Automatic drying detection is another entirely new feature. It enables the BINDER chamber to identify automatically when the drying process is complete and causes the ventilation to start automatically
as a result. This affords users more flexibility, rather than making them wait for the process to finish.
The hardware works by detecting the point at which the pressure starts dropping further and then stabilizes after the solvent has been removed.


The ventilation then kicks in automatically, which means that users do not need to worry that the sample material is being put under unnecessary strain. The new vacuum drying chamber can also be programmed to store specific drying sequences in advance. The significantly enlarged viewing window and the optional interior lighting provide an even better picture of the unit’s interior. With the BINDER VDL, you can be sure that nothing is left to chance.