Easier Lab Work with TOCnology

More time for what matters: The new multi N/C x300 analyzers are designed to give you more time for your analyses, your team, and your customers. How do they achieve this? With sophisticated technologies for more throughput and efficient processes, with low maintenance and optimum ease of use. This reduces training times and everyday workload of your team and increases the efficiency of your lab. Your laboratory team will also be delighted by the simple operation and the elimination of time-consuming tasks such as calibration.

More time for what matters with TOCnology

  • Long-term stable calibration of up to one year
  • No dilution of high TOC samples necessary
  • Easy access to and quick replacement of consumables
  • Loading of additional samples without interrupting ongoing measurements
  • Automated liquid and solid analysis without hardware conversion
  • No milling and wrapping of solid samples (sample quantities up to 3 g)
  • Automatic acidification and purging of samples
  • Unattended operation with complete peace of mind

Meet the Family: The New multi N/C x300 Series


The Specialist: multi N/C 2300

A combustion device specializing in the analysis of particle-rich samples and samples that are only present in small volumes.


The Allrounder: multi N/C 3300

Particle-rich, salt-containing, or very pure samples? A combustion analyzer optimized for high throughput that offers the perfect balance between samples of all kinds.


The Trace Detector: multi N/C 4300 UV

An extremely sensitive and precise UV digestion device, which is ideally suited for ultra-pure water analysis - in the trace range even without persulfate.