Chromatography -Free Workflows

Efficient, Effective, Economical

This reliable, high-speed workhorse enables straightforward routine assay work- flows from simplified tuning and method development through data analysis and report generation for improved lab efficiency and productivity. With the first and only integrated DART ionization source, chromatography-free workflows can be easily implemented making the EVOQ DART-TQ+ MS even more productive and economical to operate.

  • Rapidly screen samples with chromatography-free workflows
  • Robust design provides fast result generation with high uptime
  • Turnkey data analysis software steamlines sample acquisition to report Increase sample throughput and lower operational costs

Two Workflows, One Integrated System

Screen Quickly, Validate With Confidence

Navigate vast numbers of samples, hundreds of target compounds, stringent turn-around- times, and challenging sample matrices, the dependable EVOQ DART-TQ+ MS system provides fast, sustained sensitivity and robustness. Quickly screen your samples with a chromatography-free workflow and then simply switch to the VIP-HESI source for

traditional LCMS validation of the flagged subset of samples making your lab more productive and cost effective.

  • Simple switch between DART and VIP-HESI sources
  • Fast chromatography-free sample screen for increased throughput
  • Validate screen hits with conventional LCMS for result assurance